How stressful is your life?

Do you often feel exhausted? Do you have troubling thoughts, maybe continual headaches? Do you often have a stiff neck or a side cramp? It is likely that these symptoms are caused by the presence of stress in your life. Find out how to minimise and deal with stress on a daily basis and learn effective techniques for becoming a stress-management guru.

What is stress?

The word stress originates from Latin and means “strain.” In a stressful situation your body falls out of its homeostatic state and is forced to adapt to a situation over which you have no control. Stress is not necessarily harmful if you learn how to turn it to your advantage, restoring your balance and resetting your levels of ease.

What can it lead to?

The complete absence of stress can be detrimental as it can cause feelings of boredom or lack of inspiration, but too much stress can cause illness. Balance is the key! When the stress response is triggered, your body first issues a warning then tries to endure, but after some time the result is exhaustion. This is definitely harmful and can lead to conditions such as psychological overload, high blood pressure and, in more severe cases, heart-problems.

How to manage it?

You have three options: You can treat the root cause of stress, consciously paying attention to what causes your stress levels to rise, and trying to prevent or avoid these situations. You can change your attitude and think differently about stressful situations you face. You can also change your reaction to stress and manage the challenges in a different way.

Stress Status Report

Take a free stress-test and you will receive a personalised report which measures how much stress you face on a daily basis and gives instant tips for dealing with it.

About me

I am Kozák Mihály, a stress coach.

I studied at the International Coach Academy and became a Certified Professional Coach. I’m also an ACC certified member of the International Coach Federation.

I can effectively help you manage, reduce, and even turn every-day stress to your advantage to help you become the best version of yourself.

If you would like to experience any of these possibilities, you can start by filling in the stress test.


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