I am glad that you are ready to make an investment in yourself.

All coaching packages come with
a 100% satisfaction guarantee!
So if you’re not satisfied,
you get your money back.

The “Get Started!” Pack

30 day 11 part online stress course
+ 1 hour free coaching session – € 197

Choose this if you want to combine the theory and practice of stress management.

What you get:
30 day 11 part online stress course so you can become a master of your stress management.
-A pack of knowledge which includes tips, excercises you can use immediately.

+60 minute one-to-one coaching with me so you can implement these skills in your life and experience how coaching can help in your personal developement.

Via skype.
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Power coaching – €297

I rarely work with clients for just one session but perhaps that’s exactly what you need. If so, we can discuss how this type of coaching can help you if:

 there is a stressful situation that requires immediate solution
 you have hit a roadblock and need help finding the solution
 you need inspiration or motivation
 you would like to clarify something
 you want to solve a critical problem
 you need encouragement to take the first step

Duration: 90 minutes
via Skype or Phone
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The “Explore it!” Pack – €199/session 

Total €597
Duration 3 x 60 minute sessions

You should choose this if:
 you would like to start a new venture or change some key aspects of your life
– you are stressed or anxious about something and don’t know where to begin to solve the problem
– there is a challenge in your life which requires more effort to overcome
– you are facing a more serious problem that you would like to solve
– you wish to try this form of self-training

via Skype
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The “Solve It!” Pack– €179/session

Total: €1074
Duration: 6 x 60 minute sessions

This pack is recommended if:
you are facing a more complex problem and would like some help with making the changes necessary for finding the solution
 you wish to explore the root causes of stress in more detail and solve some challenges by minimising stress

Valid for 12 months
via Skype
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The “Change It!” Pack – €149/session

Total: €1778
Duration: 12 x 60 minute sessions

I recommend this pack if you wish to make a big change in your life:
– this could mean changing your lifestyle, your job, or managing a more complex situation
– when you feel you are facing a really difficult problem
– managing stress when it affects several areas of your life at the same time
– for starting a business: when and how to do it, what the best choice is for you personally. I will guide you from brainstorming to the finish line.

Valid for 12 months
Via Skype
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All access/VIP pack

Total: €4999/year

This type of coaching is only available to a limited number of customers (3-4 persons / year)

It is recommended primarily for business owners and CEOs who would like to build a long-lasting partnership with a coach who has hands-on experience in several key areas.

This is a highly recommended choice if:

– you need support for a big change
– you have a complex project at hand – from setting goals to the finished product
– you wish to take your business to the next level
– as an individual entrepreneur you need a partner who will support you as your coach by taking part in brainstorming, design, or simply being available for a refreshing discussion where you can voice your feelings and ideas to a sympathetic advisor.
– managing stress
– dealing with exceptional success
maintaining motivation when things are going smoothly and when you need a push to find your enthusiasm and look for newer challenges
– achieving work-life balance
– dealing with an existential crisis, contemplating the “meaning of life”

It contains:
– 26 maximised coaching sessions – this could range from 10 to 90 minutes, depending on your individual needs.
– immediate availability via phone during working hours

Valid for 12 months
via Skype or Phone.
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